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All assessment and therapy sessions are by video call, via Skype link or Zoom link.

Recent research indicates that video therapy sessions are just as effective as in-person therapy in the clinic room.​

Sessions are £80 each, payable on booking. Weekend and evening sessions are available at £90 each.

Payment is online, by credit card, debit card, or bank transfer.


​I provide the 1st appointment as an assessment session, in order to gain a good understanding of your current difficulties.

This session is an hour and a quarter, to an hour and a half approximately. 

CBT and counselling sessions are 60 minutes.

I do not require clients to book multiple sessions at the beginning.


I recommend weekly sessions, which can be changed to fortnightly or monthly when you are feeling better and therapy is coming to an end.​

The initial 15 minute telephone consultation is free.​

​Please contact us with any queries, and to arrange your free 15 minute phone consultation.

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