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Teens and Young Adults

We often hear from parents who are concerned about their teenagers, and wanting to check advice on whether they need therapy. Our philosophy is always that a person has to want to attend therapy themselves, and has to be interested in talking and making changes in their life.


We offer a mental health assessment and CBT or counselling sessions for the same range of mental health problems and difficulties as for our over 18s.


Some areas that teens and young people wish to seek help with include social anxiety, performance anxiety, exam stress, bullying and harrassment, school-related issues, sexual orientation, transgender issues, ADHD or ADD, and depression.


We can offer sessions for parents to talk through their worries about their teens and/ or their parenting. Should you wish to disclose any issues with your teen and don’t know where to start, we can offer a joint session with you and your teen together, to start a conversation about difficult topics.

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