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Covid 19 and lockdowns

The Covid19 pandemic has been a troubling time for everyone, not least because of worries about our physical health, but also the impact of the ever-changing rules and guidance from governments and local authorities.


Since the first lockdown ended, many people have noticed feeling unaccustomed to activities they used to find trouble-free. You are not alone if you have experienced a sense of unfamiliarity with large supermarkets, small cramped shops, sharing a narrow street with strangers, or choosing a table in a bar or restaurant.


As time passes since the easing of social restrictions, these activities should become easier again, more familiar and less anxiety-provoking.


However, if you are concerned that your ‘return to normal life’ is more difficult for you than for your friends and family, or that you worry more than most about pandemic-related issues, please contact us for advice.


We can help you with:

- avoidance of crowded or confined places

- fear of mixing with others/ leaving your home

- panic attacks

- claustrophobia

- excessive hand washing

- compulsive cleaning of the home/ personal belongings

- fear of germs

- hyperchondria

- obsessive/ excessive concerns about your health/ the health of others

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