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Employee Support

As many business owners know, having an important employee off sick with stress or a mental health problem for a prolonged period of time has detrimental effects on your business in a multitude of ways. This is where a simple programme of psychological support for employees is a lifesaver in getting your colleague back on their feet and able to contribute once again as a valued member of your team.


Even before a colleague has a prolonged absence, managers might notice them repeatedly missing deadlines, a deterioration in the quality of their work, or a change in their demeanour, “not seeming to be themselves”. You may have concerns about their psychological well-being, or a colleague might disclose having difficulty with a mental health problem. They might say they are struggling with their workload, or ask for adjustments at work to cope with stress and prevent burnout.


As with our usual services, we offer individualised therapy tailored to the person’s needs, based on an assessment of their current psychological difficulties. For example this could comprise Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for managing stress, sleep problems, mild depression, ADHD, or other problems that are impacting on their work.


We will set up a bespoke employee support programme of psychological therapy and counselling for your company or organisation. We will work together with you to set referral criteria for accepting employees onto your programme, and for how many sessions. We operate a simple streamlined pathway, and will see your employee within 1 week of the initial contact. Our lead therapist has many years experience of working with clients who were signed off sick from work due to a mental health problem, and she has helped many people to return to work.


Our employee support programmes have no monthly subscription fees or annual contracts. It is arranged to suit your company’s preferences, with payment per client seen, on a session by session basis. We recommend full confidentiality between our therapist and your employee, so that your employee is able to speak freely about their current difficulties, and gain the most benefit from sessions.


Providing psychological therapy as an employee benefit is a very attractive aspect of a company, for people who are searching for a new post or promotion, or considering their next career steps. It is comforting for prospective employees to know that their employer cares about their mental health and will be there to arrange support for them should they need professional help with their psychological well-being.

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